intacs™ Certified Automotive SPICE® for for Cybersecurity SPICE®

Course Duration: 3 Days - 8 Hours/day

The UNECE regulation R155 requires the vehicle manufacturer to identify and manage cybersecurity risks in the supply chain. Automotive SPICE® is a process model which, when used with an appropriate assessment method, helps to identify process-related product risks. In order to incorporate cybersecurity-related processes into the proven scope of Automotive SPICE®, additional processes have been defined in a Process Reference and Assessment Model for Cybersecurity Engineering (Cybersecurity PAM).

This intacs certfiied three-day course is designed to teach Automotive SPICE® for Cybersecurity PAM from all aspects. intacs-certified Automotive SPICE® for Cybersecurity training is a prerequisite to lead or participate as co-assessor in an Automotive SPICE assessment with Cybersecurity extension.

Certified Final Exam

An independent exam will be administered by the Certification Body VDA-QMC on the last day of the course.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to apply Automotive SPICE® for Cybersecurity
  • Understand the purpose, processes and base practices of Automotive SPICE® for Cybersecurity
  • Gain competence to perform or assist in Automotive SPICE® for Cybersecurity assessment

Course Outline

Day One

  • Introduction and Overview
  • The Automotive SPICE® Assessment Model
  • Scope and Motivation
  • Cybersecurity Standards
  • TARA – Seven Steps:
  • Asset Identification
  • Threat Scenario Identification

Day Two

  • TARA – Seven Steps: (cont’d)
  • Impact Rating
  • Attack Path Analysis
  • Attack Feasibility Rating
  • Risk Value Determination
  • Risk Treatment Decision
  • Automotive SPICE® for Cybersecurity
  • MAN.7 Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • SEC.1 Cybersecurity Requirements Elicitation
  • SEC.2 Cybersecurity Implementation

Day Three

  • SEC.3 Risk Treatment Verification
  • SEC.4 Risk Treatment Validation
  • Acquisition Processes
  • Impact on Other Automotive SPICE® Processes
  • VDA-QMC Automotive SPICE® for Cybersecurity Final Exam

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals who want to perform/assist cybersecurity assessment in accordance with Automotive SPICE®
  • Automotive SPICE® for cybersecurity information seekers
  • Quality and Process group members
  • Project Managers
  • Project personnel in charge of system/software development

Course Materials

Each participant will receive intacsTM training material.

Note: Omnex does not provide copies of standard(s) during training courses, but clients are encouraged to have their own copy.


intacs Automotive SPICE® Provisional Assessor

Recommended: experience in IT, software/system development, project management, quality management or similar experience

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