Automotive SPICE for Cybersecurity

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Course Duration: 2 Days - 8 Hours/day

This two-day course is designed to give the attendee a detailed understanding of Automotive Cybersecurity ASPICE.

The Automotive SPICE for Cybersecurity is a set of processes added to ASPICE to implement portions of the ISO 21434 standard dealing with the concept phase, product development, TARA, and distributed cybersecurity activities. The additional processes are: SEC.1, SEC.2, SEC.3, SEC.4, ACQ.2, and MAN.7.

The results of assessment are used for the identification of process improvements, and for identifying and assessment of cybersecurity risks in the quality of a specific product release as well as a criterion for supplier selection.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to apply the evaluation methods used in Automotive SPICE® to assess and improve your company’s processes implementing portions of ISO 21434. 

Learning Objectives

·      Describe key concepts of ASPICE VDA-Scope and Cybersecurity ASPICE

·      Explain the plug-in concept in the context of ASPICE, PRM, and PAM

·      Describe the MAN.3 processes and list their BPs

·      Explain the Cybersecurity ASPICE PAM Performance Indicators

·      Describe the SEC.1 & SEC.2 processes and list their BPs

·      Describe the SEC.3 & SEC.4 processes and list their BPs

·      Describe the ACQ.2, ACQ.4 & MAN.7 processes and list their BPs

·      Describe the mapping of Cybersecurity Processes to Other ASPICE Processes

Day One

·      Review of ASPICE VDA Scope & Introduction to Cybersecurity ASPICE

·      Complementary Supporting Processes: MAN.3

o   Breakout Exercise – Item Definition

·      PAM Performance Indicators for Processes SEC.1 & SEC.2 

·      Ch4: PAM Performance Indicators for Processes SEC.3 & SEC.4 

o   Breakout Exercise – Cybersecurity Concept

Day Two

·      Bidirectional Traceability and Consistency

·      Processes ACQ.2, ACQ.4 & MAN.7

o   Breakout Exercise – TARA

·      Mapping of Cybersecurity Processes to Other ASPICE Processes

o   Breakout Exercise – DIA: OEM & Tier 1

The seminar has been developed for developers, test engineers, project managers and other participants involved with “Development Projects” in the automotive industry involving software in a cybersecurity context. 

Software managers, Automotive SPICE® Implementers, internal auditors and others need to understand Automotive SPICE® and how to integrate it into their Quality Management and Automotive Cybersecurity system will find the training helpful. 

Each participant will receive a seminar manual including case studies.

Background in “development projects”, “software development”, “quality management systems”, and ASPICE will be helpful.

A basic understanding of project management, quality management and system and software engineering processes is helpful, but not required.

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