Weibull Analysis Training

Course Duration: 3 Days - 8 Hours/day

This two or three day course introduces Reliability analysis approach of Weibull analysis that can be effectively used to characterize and analyze product reliability. It shows the attendees how to utilize Weibull analysis to evaluate data generated by Reliability test plans and presents graphical and analytical analysis methods. Models for life testing at constant stress, and for step and time varying stresses will also be discussed. This course includes hands-on exercises using software tools.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to apply the Weibull analysis approach as input to the basic Reliability analysis processes
  • Learn to apply the Weibull analysis approach as input to the alternate Reliability analysis processes
  • Identify needed steps to implement and evaluate Weibull Analysis 

Course Outline

  • Basic Analysis
  • Background and Introduction
  • How to do a Weibull Analysis
  • Interpretation of Weibull Plots
  • Small Sample Analysis
  • Interpretation of Bad Plots
  • Failure Prediction
  • Sudden Death Analysis
  • Step Stress Analysis
  • Case Studies
  • Weibull Experiments
  • Confidence Intervals and System Models
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Comparing Designs for Two or More Data Sets
  • Non-Life Data: the Binomial and the Poisson
  • The Exponential Related to the Poisson and the Weibull
  • Survival Analysis
  • Renewal-Repairable Systems
  • System Models
  • Logic Diagrams
  • Review of Student Problems

Who Should Attend

Individuals who need to apply reliability engineering testing in the development process to fielding better products and systems. Design engineers, reliability specialists, test engineers and product/program managers will benefit from the course.

Course Materials

Each participant will receive a seminar manual with breakout exercise case study materials. 

Note: Omnex does not provide copies of standard(s) during training courses, but clients are encouraged to have their own copy.


Participants should have a working knowledge of their organization’s existing New Product Development (or Vehicle Development) process. Participants should have attended a reliability overview training session to understand basic reliability and test analysis.

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