Project Management for Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

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Course Duration: 2 Days - 8 Hours/day

This two-day seminar is intended to equip participants with the project planning skills required to succeed in the application of Advanced Product Quality Planning (AIAG APQP) methodology for product realization projects. The approach of this course is based on best practices by experts in the field.

By attending this course, participants will also gain insight and knowledge regarding the use of prevention-based techniques used for an on-time and flawless product launch. These techniques include Project Planning, Risk identification and Analysis, and Manufacturing Feasibility, as well as conducting internal reviews using APQP checklists.

This class includes breakout exercise sessions to explore APQP deliverables for a new product (TBD) launch project.

Learning Objectives

·      Discuss the objectives of the APQP Project Team

·      Relate Project Management processes to APQP projects

·      Recognize APQP phases and processes, including:

o   Project Planning

o   Risk Identification and Analysis

o   Project Scope and Quality Management

o   Project Gate Reviews

o   APQP phase inputs and outputs

·      Apply best practices and a standardized approach for managing APQP projects

·      Identify deliverables and activities to assemble a Production Part Approval package

·      Project Management processes and Project Lifecycle

·      Advanced Quality Planning Phase Deliverables

o   Breakout A

·      APQP Project Feasibility

o   Breakout B

·      APQP Team Risk Analysis

o   Breakout C

·      PPAP Readiness

o   Breakout D


·      Project Managers

·      APQP Leaders

·      APQP Project Team members

·      All other product development personnel

Each participant will receive a seminar manual and a workbook including all team breakout exercises.

Participants should possess a working knowledge of quality systems and core tools.

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