Aerospace Risk Management and Analysis Series Reviewing the PPAP

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Course Duration: 1 Day - 8 Hours/day

This one-day hands-on seminar covers the review and auditing of the documentation required as part of and in support of PPAP/APQP. This class focuses on determining if all program requirements and documentation have been properly implemented and completed, and that the production process has the potential to meet these requirements during an actual production run at the quoted production rate.

This class includes breakout exercise sessions using an example of an Aerospace sub-assembly project and product launch. This running example will be used throughout the 16-day Aerospace Risk Management and Analysis Series.

Learning Objectives

·      Learn how to review and PPAP/APQP package for completion

·      Evaluate two to three complete PPAP/APQP packages using an PPAP/APQP checklist 

·      Introduction – Advanced Quality Process

o   Breakout Exercise: Assessing a PPAP/APQP Package

·      Verifying Initial Production Run

·      PPAP/APQP Documentation Review

·      Review of each PPAP/APQP Submission Item

o   Breakout Exercise: Assessing a PPAP/APQP Package

·      Program Managers

·      Project Managers

·      Design, Quality and Manufacturing Engineers

·      PPAP/APQP Coordinators / persons who have direct responsibility for preparation, assembly or review of PPAP/APQP components or packages

·      Auditors and those responsible for supplier PPAP/APQP documentation

·      APQP Team Members

·      All other Risk Management personnel

Each participant will receive a seminar manual and a workbook including all team breakout exercises.

A general knowledge of quality systems is required.

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