Product Integrity for the Product Safety & Conformance Representative (PSCR)

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Course Duration: 2 Days - 8 Hours/day

Omnex is not presently a VDA licensee to deliver this course but the trainers are VDA licensed.

Every organization within the automotive supply chain is obligated to ensure the safety and conformity of its products. In order to be aware of and to understand the many demands of the role of the product safety representative, comprehensive information and qualification is necessary. The aim of this two-day seminar is to explore the requirements in the Product Integrity handbook and to explain the role of Product Safety Representatives.

Learning Objectives

  • Communication of expert knowledge that enables the participants to handle their everyday work more professionally and in a more targeted fashion as a prospective or existing Product Safety Representative.
  • Define the responsibilities in the whole supply chain, from development through manufacture and use, up to the end of intended use.
  • Discuss product integrity in the product life cycle, guidance for product non-conformities and examples for tools and methods.

Module 1

  • Intro to Product Safety and Legal Compliance
  • Recalls and Safety Concerns
  • Product Liability and Compliance Obligations
  • IATF 16949 on Product Safety

Module 2

  • Intro – Product Integrity in the Organization
  • VDA Volume on Product Integrity
  • Functional Responsibilities
  • Delegation of Responsibilities

Module 3

  • Product Specific Qualification
  • Process Specific Qualification
  • Awareness and Product Safety Requirements Flowdown
  • Capturing Lessons Learned (FMEA) and Prevention

Module 4

  • Product Integrity Over the Product Lifecycle
  • Product Development Phase
  • Production Phase and Line Walk Reporting
  • Usage Phase
  • Product Monitoring

Module 5

  • Conformity of Production (CoP)
  • Response to Deviations
  • Corrective Action

Organizational Implementation of Role for PSCR

Additional Background and Considerations

Product Integrity Qualification Examination

This seminar is designed for automotive executives and personnel who are to be deployed as or already are Product Safety Representatives.

Each participant will receive a seminar manual.

In order to attend this training, technical and/or business experience is necessary as well as experience in automotive quality management, typically in complaints and resource management. Furthermore, the participants should be qualified and experienced in the evaluation of technical product and process risks (e.g. FMEA facilitator, VDA 6.3 process auditor, designer/developer) and be knowledgeable about the use of the organization’s products, the state of the art as well as the requirements from relevant laws and customer requirements.

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