Effective Team Problem Solving with 8D

Course Duration: 3 Days

This course focuses on team-oriented solving for complex or chronic problems. Using the 8D methodology steps, students will learn and practice how to solve complete and 8D and ensure permanent elimination of the problematic (root) causes. This course aligns with AIAG CQI-21.

Target audience:

All those who participate in or lead a problem-solving team and are using 8D to report results.

Training structure

  • Introduction: Problem solving
  • Assembling the right (size) team for problem solving
  • Developing the correct problem description
  • Containment: temporary measures to prevent further escapes
  • Root cause (3L – error/root causes)
  • Finding permanent shutdown measures
  • Decision-making, and common pitfalls
  • Evaluate permanent shutdown measures
  • Preventing repeat defects, failures and complaints
  • Ensuring team success
  • Managerial Root Cause
  • Use of checklists

Special features:

  • Internal company cases can be worked through, evaluated and discussed in the training.
  • Documents of the 8D process can be integrated into the training.
  • Both measures significantly increase the practical applicability of what has been learned.

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