Course Duration: 2 Days

The seminar imparts practical knowledge on test process suitability, MSA objectives, procedure, MS evaluation methods. Course includes the use of the common software for some practical exercises.

Target audience:

Quality managers, measurement and laboratory technicians, internal auditors, persons responsible for the planning, application and maintenance of measurement systems.

Training structure

  • Introduction to test process suitability
  • Measurements in the testing process
  • Resolution and discrimination of gages
  • Normal distributions
  • Bias, Linearity and Stability
  • GRR according to AIAG and ANOVA methods
  • Procedures 1, 2 and 3 according to VDA 5
  • Incapable measuring systems and conditional release
  • Attributive measuring systems
  • MSA 4 and VDA 5

Special features:

  • On the European and German market, the procedure according to VDA 5 is usually demanded. However, if required, the training can also be carried out according to MSA 4 (AIAG).
  • The VDA 5 oriented training contains exercises that are evaluated with software help (Solara or Minitab, depending on the operational situation). To carry out the training, it is sufficient to have a computer with a corresponding demo version for every 4-5 participants.

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