Social Responsibility: ISO 26000

Corporate sustainability and social responsibility are the ways in which business creates integrated value in society through economic development, good governance, stakeholder responsiveness and environmental improvement. There are many global standards that address these issues today, including ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 26000 (social responsibility) and ISO 50001 (energy).

Our approach at Omnex is to create Integrated Value (IV) by helping companies to understand the changing business and societal context, assess stakeholder needs and expectations, align leadership goals and metrics, analyse risks and opportunities across key business processes and integrate the management systems for quality, health & safety, environment and social responsibility.

Register with Omnex to learn best practices leading to the integration of ISO 26000 with the organizations management system and other standards such 9K 14K 45K and 27K.

Omnex offers auditor certification training for auditing integrated management systems.

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