BOS: Aligning KPIs and Objectives with Interested Party Expectations & Organizaitonal Context

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Course Duration: 2 Days - 8 Hours/day

With the release of ISO 9001:2015, organizational context, interested parties expectations and risk-based thinking are going to become central to determining objectives and to the application of monitoring, measurement and analysis to risk management and continual performance improvement. .BOS provides an integrated and systemic solution to these and related issues for effective management systems, e.g. QMS, EMS, H&SMS.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the BOS approach, and it’s application in managing risk and continual performance improvement.
  • Understand Organizational Context and the importance of Interested Party and Customer expectations is setting objective, establishing effective monitoring, measurement and data analysis.
  • Provide and understanding of how to use the BOS methodology to identify and analyze risks, & improvement opportunities, and to manage improvement activities as part of the Business Plan.

  • Introduction to the BOS – Managing Risk Performance and Continual Improvement
  • Organizational Context – Aligned Mission & Vision Statements and Policies with the Expectations of Interested Parties
  • Breakout Exercise 1: Defining Organizational Context – Determining and Assessing Expectations and Requirements
  • Breakout Exercise 2: Aligning and Rating Expectations – Setting Goals and Objectives, Selecting Key Performance Indicators
  • Aligning Strategic Goals and Objectives – Based on Interested Parties’ Expectations
  • Identifying Measurables and Key Performance Indicators
  • Improvement Action Planning – Systemic Correction, Prevention and Continual Improvement
  • Operational Business Reviews and Improvement Activities – Managing Risk and Continual Improvement
  • Breakout Exercise 3: Assessing BOS Processes

This seminar is designed for general and functional managers, as well as for those with direct responsibility as Risk, Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Managers, Management Representatives, ISO system Implementation Team Members.

Each participant will receive a seminar manual and breakout exercises workbook.

A general understanding of ISO 9001:2015 is recommended.

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