Six Sigma Executive Overview Training

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Course Duration: 1 Day - 8 Hours/day

This one-day training is the first step toward internal deployment and includes an overview of Six Sigma, deployment strategies, scientific tools and methods, and improvement, measurements, and management controls.

Learning Objectives

Achieve an effective understanding of the Excelerated Six Sigma Strategy and the Excelerated Six Sigma process within the organization's Six Sigma infrastructure.

  • Introduction and Vision of Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Performance Measurement
  • Corporate Strategy
  • History of Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • Terminology, Strategy, and Roadmap of the Six Sigma methodology
  • Process Performance
  • Basic Statistics
  • Cp, Cpk relationship to Z values, Subgrouping, and Z-transformation
  • Six Sigma toolkit
  • Comparison with best practices
  • Six Sigma roles, training, project guidelines, and communication

Senior management and leadership team of a single organization.

Workshop Manual.


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