Six Sigma Green Belt Training – Project Based

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Course Duration: 7 Days - 8 Hours/day

This 2 week (7 days) training enables participants to become the primary members in a project team to achieve Six Sigma levels of quality using a Breakthrough Strategy and methodology to address key product/service improvement opportunities. The Seven day Six Sigma Green Belt training with projects in conducted on site with 3 to 8 participants over two weeks over 2 to 4 months. Coaching will be provided for one day in the first week and for two days in the second week. Additional coaching will be provided by the Master Black Belt (MBB and Instructor) as required to bring the projects to fruition.

Attendees will be asked to bring projects that have a potential of savings of between $50,000 and $90,000.

Learning Objectives

·      Gain fundamental knowledge of Six Sigma strategy and tools in order to assist Black Belts in Breakthrough project implementation

·      Apply the DMAIC process to local problem solving projects


Week 1 – Month 1

Day 1

·      Introductions

·      Vision of Six Sigma

·      Problem Solving

·      Computer Basic/MiniTab Overview

Day 2

·      Basic Statistics

·      Graphical Methods

·      Process Mapping

·      Failure Mode & Effects Analysis

Day 3

·      Central Limit Theorem

·      Capability Analysis

·      Measurement Systems Analysis

·      Statistical Process Control

Day 4

·      Confidence Intervals

·      Hypothesis Testing


Week 2 – Month 2


Project Coaching


Day 5

·      Project Reviews

·      Confidence Intervals

·      Hypothesis Testing

·      One – Way ANOVA

 Day 6

·      Multi-Vari Studies

·      Lean Manufacturing/Kaizen

·      Mistake Proofing

·      Randomized Blocks

Day 7

·      Full Factorial DOE

·      2k Factorial DOE

·      Catapult Exercise


Project Coaching

This workshop is designed for an organization looking to make improvements with Green Belt projects. 

Each participant will receive a workshop manual. 

The participants are required to bring to the class a laptop with the statistical package Minitab installed or with rights to install a demo version of this program.

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