Conducting Process Audits to VDA 6.3

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Course Duration: 3 Days - 8 Hours/day

Omnex is not presently a VDA licensee. If the VDA auditor “card” is required by a customer for their suppliers’ auditors, attendees should confirm with a licensed provider if they can take the official exam after this course. Omnex auditor certification is the technical equivalent of the VDA (6.3) training. Many customers do not require the VDA auditor credential.

Omnex offers auditor certification for various ISO industry and sector management system standards. Omnex automotive auditor certifications address ISO 19011:2018, Exemplar Global, IRCA, and VDA auditor requirements and guidelines.

Our auditor course teaches the process audit approach as it applies to management systems and VDA (6.3) Process Audit requirements. Our VDA certified Subject Matter Expert (SME)-led courses to enable auditors to understand and competently perform system and process audits. In addition to Auditor competency certification Omnex provides training for Product Integrity (PSCR), FMEA, PPAP, and MSA to VDA standards. 

VDA standards are published by the Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V., a German automobile trade association, and are a supplier requirement for some of their members and their automotive suppliers.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the process audit approach
  • Understand the requirements of VDA 6.3
  • Prepare, perform and complete an audit to VDA 6.3

Daily Agenda (approximate, based on class discussions)

Day One

  • VDA Overview
  • Chapter 1: Understanding Process Audits
  • Chapter 2: Using the Questionnaire
  • P2: Project Management
  • Breakout Exercise 1: Open Questions
  • Breakout Exercise 2: Auditing Project Management
  • P3: Planning the Product and Process Development
  • Breakout Exercise 3: Planning the Product and Process Development
  • P4: Implementation of the Product and Process Development
  • Breakout Exercise 4: Implementation of the Product and Process Development

Day Two

  • Review of Day One
  • Chapter 2: Using the Questionnaire (cont’d)
  • P5: Supplier Management
  • Breakout Exercise 5: Supplier Management
  • P6: Process Analysis Production
  • P7: Customer Care, Customer Satisfaction, Service
  • Breakout Exercise 6: Assessing the Requirements
  • Chapter 3: Potential Analysis (P1)
  • Assessing the Potential Analysis
  • Breakout Exercise 7: Potential Supplier Audit
  • Chapter 4: Assessing a Process Audit for Material Products
  • VDA Evaluation Matrix
  • Breakout Exercise 8: Evaluation Matrix

Day Three

  • Review of Days One and Two
  • Chapter 4: The VDA 6.3 Audit Process
  • Audit Program
  • Audit Request
  • Breakout Exercise 9: Draw Up an Audit Request
  • Preparation
  • Breakout Exercise 10: Audit Plan
  • Conducting the Audit
  • Evaluation
  • Presentation of Results
  • Follow Up and Closure
  • Course Review and Final Exam

Courses are specifically designed for Quality System internal, supplier and lead auditors, Supplier Quality/Quality Assurance Managers, Product Safety, Conformity and Integrity personnel and VDA 6.3 Implementation Team Members, Management Representatives or any auditor who may wish to improve their competence to conduct audits using the process approach required by the International Accreditation Forum and others.

Each participant will receive a Auditor seminar manual with case studies and a guide for conducting a process/product audits to VDA. An exam is also administered.

Two years of automotive industry experience with some management system or process audit experience is highly recommended. Knowledge of industry specific management system standards is recommended.

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